Write Multiple Blogs? Create Your Own Plugin Depot

Written by Jason Katzenback on February 2nd, 2008

Most of us here are bloggers. Many of us write for multiple blogs, which is a great way to explore a number of niches. But where do you store your blogs? No, not online, offline?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a folder deeply buried on your hard disk called “blogs” or “sites” or whatever “blogs” or “sites” is in your directory. What mine contains is a copy of wordpress that the site is currently running (very important, as you if you switch servers you save time from finding the version of wordpress that’s compatible with your database), and the blog’s theme.

Each of my blogs has this, but there’s one more folder – plugins. This contains a copy of the essential plugins I use for my blog. Why do I do that? Well, three reasons stand out:

Saves Time: Instead of constantly directory hopping, I simply upload the wp-plugins folder to the wp-content subfolder on my server.

Handles Legacy Plugins: Suppose a site with the plugin you want on goes down? I’ve still got a backup, and – more importantly – I know exactly where it is.

Familiarisation - Before, I had 3 different plugins on 3 different blogs that did the same thing. Now, on any new blogs I create, I will only have one.

So, if you want to speed up the process of making a blog, spending more time blogging and promoting, why not create your own Plugin Depot on your hard drive? It’ll make your life a lot easier.

Of course, in an ideal world, all your blogs will use the same plugin depot online, but I’ll leave wordpress plugin writers to come up with a nifty way of doing that ;) .

This post is written by Rhys Wynne – a five year blogger who knows the joys associated with multiple blogs. He writes at The Gospel According To Rhys, and has recently launched My Brand New Brand – a tool to help affiliate marketers find brandable domain names.

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19 Responses to “Write Multiple Blogs? Create Your Own Plugin Depot”

  1. John Cow dot ComWrite Multiple Blogs? Create Your Own Plugin DepotPosted: 01 Feb 2008 08:09 PM CST

  2. or whatever “blogs” or “sites” is in your directory. What mine contains is a copy of wordpress that the site is currently running (very important, as you if you switch … Read the original here:Write Multiple Blogs? Create Your Own Plugin Depot

  3. by guest posting on their blog should they ever need to. Fact is, I look at guestposting as an opportunity, but come to believe that it needs to be done right. I did do a practice run in my lent, blogging about a little tip on John Cow’s blog -how to speed up wordpress installations by having a folder just for plugins. Here are my thoughts on it. Mike Huang is a Comment Spammer Mike Huang from Bloggin-ads.com is one of those blogs that exploded on the scene with the rise of Entrecard. Plain and simple, he was at the top of the

  4. good idea. i would crank one out tonight but I gots to catch up on some sleep now. if no one has one up tomorrow afternoon i will look into. really good idea though.

  5. PJ says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only one who did that. I’m not quite as organised as you, but the ‘blog’ folder on my desktop contains the following sub-folders: backups, pics, plugins, themes plus a miscellaneous folder for anything else I might need for my blogs.

    I moved webhosts a few months ago, and your tips would have helped me to handle the transition, but I managed in the end. I’ll definitely add to my current ‘Plugin Depot’ with your words in mind. Yet another great guest post.

  6. Mike Huang says:

    Interesting post, I’ll keep this in mind.


  7. Lively Money says:

    I wonder will this concept work on blogger and typepad blogs

  8. Wayne Liew says:

    I do have such Plugins folder on my hard drive. However, some plugins update their codes so frequently and in WP2.3, the notifier has bothered me so much that I will update it no matter what.

    I guess all WP plugins should come with a one-click upgrade like what All-In-One SEO Pack does. :mrgreen:

  9. I do this with my website stuff too. I have a “wordpress” folder that has a plugins folder and all the basics for starting up a new blog.

  10. Buyer says:

    please see here, how about your project!! http://www.bloggformoney.com/?p=33#comment-14

  11. Rhys Wynne says:

    Thanks for all the kind comments :)

    @Startblogging: Yeah, I tried to upload a picture. Basically I have a websites (such as My Brand New Brand) and blogs (such as gospelrhys.co.uk) folders, then within the blogs folder I have blogs with simply the theme, and the config file. Then there’s the wordpress folder with the latest version of it, and a wp-plugins folder.

    @PJ I’d go with a system that you are comfortable with. I’m only offering a suggestion. You’re more oragnised than most though :)

  12. T make things more interesting, I have a folder that I use to keep all interesting plugins, so that I can try out some of them when I have the time.

    I have to do this as there are more and more useful plugins being coded everyday.

  13. Jacky says:

    A new theme. John :razz:

  14. Definitely agree…one folder w/ all plugins = a timesaver. nice post

  15. ya thats right, wordpress is really good blog :smile: and blog sftware, its very time consuming, and wordpress gives lots off plugins for customize your blog. :smile:
    for my semaphore site blog also, i’ve used wordpress.
    check it out : http://www.semaphore-software.com/blog/

  16. bdude says:

    If your sites are hosted on the same server, you can use symbolic links on the wp-admin directory.

  17. Lively Money says:

    I wonder will this concept work on blogger and typepad blogs