WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!

Written by Jason Katzenback on August 11th, 2008


We are adding up all the tickets and will be announcing the winners on Thursday August 28th!

Announcing the StoreStacker Sponsored Give Away

With the click of a button, StoreStacker creates your own niche-based affiliate store, pouring targeted products into your website from Ebay, Amazon Shareasale, Overstock, Clickbank and more. Now thanks to StoreStacker you can also WIN the following Prizes…

Registration into this fantastic giveaway is an absolute breeze PLUS you can also earn extra “Tickets” to dramatically increase your chances to win.

>>Registration and Earn 1 Ticket (This is mandatory for all participants)

  • Step 1 – Subscribe to via email. If you are already registered (have downloaded the ebook), you do not need to register again. Register here:
  • Step 2 - Subscribe to

>>Earn an Extra 3 Tickets - Twitter or Pownce a post that links to this contest page (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

>>Earn an Extra 3 TicketsTwitter or Pownce a post that links to (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

>>Earn an Extra 5 Tickets – Vote up and comment on the Squidoo page at (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

>>Earn an Extra 15 Tickets – On a publicly accessible blog that you own, make a post about this contest and it must be a live link directly to this page and must also have a live link to (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

If you perform all steps to earn all available tickets you will have earned a total of 27 tickets, which means you will have 27 times more chances to win then someone who just registers for the single ticket.

Give Away Dates:

  • Registration for the “Give Away” begins on Monday August 11th and ends Sunday August 24th at 11:59 midnight eastern time.


  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age
  • All criteria for the registration must be completed in full
  • No registrations will be accepted after the deadline
  • Winners will be selected by random draw and each participant will have the opportunity to enter more then one “Ticket”

Prize Delivery:

  • This physical products in this contest are only available in Canada and the USA. The contest itself is open to all areas, but physical prizes will only be delivered to a USA or Canadian address. If you are selected and live outside of the USA or Canada, you may donate the prize to a follow up contest. This follow up contest will have the website of your choice (pending our approval) as part of the contest registration criteria (lots of exposure).


  • is not responsible for the delivery of the prizes, this will be handled directly from Scott Trimble and Halfagain LLC, the owner of StoreStacker. Prizes may take up to 30 days for delivery.


We are adding up all the tickets and will be announcing the winners on Thursday August 28th!
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240 Responses to “WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!”

  1. and includes some of the biggest prizes I’ve seen yet. Some of the prizes include a XBOX 360 Game System , iPod Touch or G3 iPhone and Bose Speakers to name a few. Head on over to to view contest details you like this post then consider subscribing to my RSS feed. You can also subscribe by email and have new posts sent directly to your inbox.

  2. Wie ich aufJohn Cow’sneustem Blogpost soeben gelesen habe, hat einen Contest eröffnet. Die Preise reichen von Ipod, Iphone, Soundsystemen, Software Packages bis hin zu einer Xbox. Alles was ihr machen müsst ist eure Emailaddy zu hinterlassen.

  3. like me, which feeling lucky this time. I hope I can grab one of the prizes this time as I have a total of more than 27 shots of tickets!! So if you feeling lucky and ready to wrestle in to win one of this awesome, cool prizes; Enter Now here atWin Big Time with StoreStackerpost and let everybody say Moo..o0o0…..licious! Xbox 360 StoreStacker Full with all plugins RSStoblog ContentSolution

  4. John Cow dot ComWIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!Posted: 11 Aug 2008 02:25 PM CDT

  5. StoreStacker Base ContentSolution 4th prize: Bose around ear headphones StoreStacker Base ContentSolution 5th prize: Ipod shuffle StoreStacker Base ContentSolution So there you go, head on over to Johncow’scontest pageand see all the different options there are to gain extra entries. ends: August 24th 11:59pmET

  6. Lately there seem to be quite a few bloggers using contests to get more traffic to their blogs.  Smart idea, if your blog is already big enough and/or you have some resources or connections. One example is this post here at John Cow,Win Bigtime with Store Stacker

  7. John Cowis holding a great new contest, where you can win prizes including a complete StoreStacker site. StoreStacker, for those of you who don’t know, creates a niche-based affiliate store for you, consolidating targeted products from Ebay Amazon Sharesale,

  8. RapidShoots says:

    WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!Posted in Make Money |

  9. Mod Pinoy says:

    this contest pass by without gracing my site. I hope I can grab one of the prizes this time as I have a total of more than 27 shots of tickets!! So if you feeling lucky and ready to wrestle in to win one of this awesome, cool prizes; Enter Now here atWin Big Time with StoreStackerand let everybody say Moo..o0o0…..licious!!! Xbox 360 StoreStacker Full with all plugins RSStoblog ContentSolution

  10. written by Keith James Lock Did you see all that is being given away at the StoreStacker.comconteston There will be 5 winners and the 1st place winner gets an XBox 360 among other things! Check it out. It’s definitely worth entering and it’s easy to get 27 entries. Click Here to Check Out the Contest

  11. salt! JohnCow, a parody blog on John Chow’s blog is having a contest starting from Aug 11th to Aug 24th. And this time the prizes are amazing including an Xbox 360 for the 1st prize and cool money making tools from StoreStacker. Go check it out atJohn Cow’splace!

  12. the site and get updated upon it’s release: Click here to purchase StoreStacker By the way, there’s also a generous 2-tier affiliate program to promote sales of the software as well! AND, if that weren’t exciting enough…JohnCow.comis running a contest, a raffle of sorts, where you can not only win the StoreStacker software, but you can also win an Xbox 360, iPod Touch or iPhone, Bose speakers, Bose headphones, or an iPod Shuffle amongst some of the other cool software offered by the same company.

  13. where2win says:

    End date: August 24 Host: JohnCow -contest postSponsor: StoreStacker Prizes: Winner #1 Xbox 360 StoreStacker Full with all plugins RSStoblog ContentSolution Winner #2 Choice of an Ipod touch or Iphone 3G StoreStacker Full with all plugins RSStoblog ContentSolution Winner #3 Bose companion 3 sp

  14. earning money online should check out this new blog I have been subscribed for a week or two now, and the quality of the info they syndicate is top quality.  Right now they are holding a contest, which is free to enter, and the prizes are very cool. contest is sponsored by StoreStacker, an all-in-one type affiliate web business. Their page is at Head over and sign up for the contest, its free. Related posts Internet Marketing membership at its best… (0) T

  15. [...] WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!Posted on August 11th, 2008 by John Cow under Ramblings  Announcing the StoreStacker Sponsored Give Away [...]

  16. Jerry says:

    I twittered the post here;

    i’m working on the other free tickets

    Jerrys last blog post..NicheFree July 2008 Ebay Affiliate Income

  17. m.dinesh says:

    These are like my dream come true prizes.
    I will follow all the rules and post the comment here.

  18. David says:

    See comment on my Twitter page for JC contest

  19. Andre Ward says:

    Not old enough to participate, darn. Good luck to everybody that enters the contest.

    Andre Wards last blog post..Niche Blogs Are Successful

  20. Bryan says:

    I’m subscribed to both email subscriptions to complete STEP 1.

    Gave both URLs a tweet at:

    SQUIDOO (still getting the hang of it)

    Post about the contest to follow shortly.

    Bryans last blog post..Heads Up Seven Up Blogroll – August 11

  21. David says:

    I have added comment to Squidoo (under David_A2) as well as left a post at:

  22. I have commented on Twitter:

    with no problems :grin:

  23. I subscribed to StoreStacker too :razz:

    (I hope I’m reading correctly; for everything we do, add a comment to get the credit for it right :?: )

    Okay, be back in a second with the other things I’m doing :)

  24. you guys amazing, another giveaway in less than a month period. Lookign forward to what will come next. :smile:

    Max@Business-Blogs last blog post..5 Biggest Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting Online Business

  25. Jay says:

    Damn, another contest? I hope I win this time… so all that e-mail spamming is worth it! LOL!


    Jays last blog post..Here’s How I Do Keyword Research

  26. :mrgreen: Twittered about the give away! It sounds like a great contest and the prizes are huge! Thanks!

    Wayne Quigleys last blog post..wayneqsr: John Cow is giving away a bunch of stuff! It’s good stuff!

  27. Shaun says:

    2nd Twitter post to StoreStacker –

    Squidoo vote and comment –

    Personal blog with comment and live links to this page and StoreStacker.

  28. pinoyconsole says:

    Check out my Twitter and Pownce entry below:
    and some squidoo vote and comment:
    My blog will follow next.
    Cool Prizes. Sweet..!

  29. [...] John Cow is having a really huge giveaway with StoreStacker. There are many prize packages you can get your hands on. The rules are simple and the rewards are grand. You can earn as much as 27 entries into the giveaway so, head on over to John Cow’s right now and take part in this giveaway, but hurry because it ends August 24th at 11:59 midnight eastern time.  [...]

  30. [...] Your page is on StumbleUpon [...]

  31. I have blogged about the giveaway at

    Now, all I’ve gotta do is CROSS MY FINGERS and hope for the very best as I would love to be chosen as one of the lucky winners!!!

    Barbara Bakers last blog post..WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!!

  32. Roger says:

    I’ve made my Twitter post… This is really cool! :mrgreen:

  33. Roger says:

    Twitter’d the link to Store Stacker site:

    Rogers last blog post..Ads!

  34. Donna Amos says:

    I entered at Store Stacker. Already subscribe to Johncow and have the ebook.

    See Twitter at

    See blog post at

    Thanks for the fun!!!!

    Donna Amoss last blog post..Have You Considered Contests for Your Blog?

  35. Manuel Merz says:

    Subscibed to this site via email and as well to’s opt-in.

    Twittert about both sites here:
    Commented at squidoo: (webclay)
    Posted both links here on my personal blog:

    Manuel Merzs last blog mit Contest

  36. Another amazing contest – commented on Squidoo as “velightful”, and will try to get a blog post up soon as well. :lol:

  37. I already subscribe but I subscribed to Storestacker.

    greenmom @johncow and check this out for the contest less than 5 seconds ago from web in reply to johncow
    greenmom @johncow John Cow has a neat contest/giveaway going on less than 5 seconds ago from web in reply to johncow

    Sommer-Green&Clean Moms last blog post..Camping with Children

  38. [...] with 11 fingers right now. Thats how aroused I am. So, how do you enter? Pop over to the cow and READ THIS POST. The competition is all thanks to Store Stacker. Even the cow is excited by this comp. He has [...]

  39. Hey Cow.
    You mentioned the competition starts on Monday the 10th of August. Are you drunk?
    Im already subscribed to your feed and now Storestackers.
    Twitter No 1:
    Twitter No 2:

    Now, I dont squidoo. I dont go anywhere near it. I have a fear of squids. Have you seen their teeth? HORRIFIC!

    And I submitted this baby to digg for too…..

  40. Anna says:

    I am commenting to attest that I have Twittered this link as per the instructions of the contest.

    This is my Tweat:

    Annas last blog post..Some People Like a Frog | Make Money Online with a 5-Year-Old

  41. Anna says:

    I have rated, commented, and favorited and lensrolled your lens My Squidoo username is AnnaVeraWilliams.

    Annas last blog post..Some People Like a Frog | Make Money Online with a 5-Year-Old

  42. So here we go!

    * Subscriber of
    * Subscriber of
    * – commented (MackV) and gave it 5 stars
    * Pownced about here
    * Pownced about the contest here

    That’s 12 tickets :)
    Too bad this is a US/CAN restricted contest… but hey…

  43. Super Contest! I submitted both sites to Twitter and Pownce below:
    and voted and commented at

  44. Josh says:

    Posted on PR 5 so that should help. :)

    Joshs last blog post..Storestacker contest

  45. HelloKit says:

    I’m signed up and Twittered:

    Also I’m holding my first contest to celebrate my 300th post:
    Hope you’ll enter and help me spread the word!

    HelloKits last blog post..using iphone with movable type

  46. Jaseem Umer says:

    Why are you not allowing minors.

    Jaseem Umers last blog post..The Big TechFight (Google Vs Microsoft)

  47. Nancy, our HTC child expert at some raw squid last week and got some terrible stomach ache…booo squidoo. OKAY, i’m going to subscribe! Oh yea, there’s another prize you can win too!

    My team and I just started our website, and I just wanted to invite everyone who read this to check out the site, and enter our weekly raffle for a FREE exclusive HTC Shirt. See you all there :razz: YES, another prize give away. hehe

    Her Ticking Clocks last blog post..Free HTC Shirt – Just Subscribe!

  48. [...] you want to get a chance to bag these prizes, head on over to the Win Big Time with StoreStacker post and start moO-OOoOOoing about [...]

  49. nirra says:

    Okay so this contest looks awesome and I would like to win something. I posted this on my blog:

    Am I good to go?

  50. ChiQ Montes says:

    Step 1 – Subscribe to via email – Done!
    # Step 2 – Subscribe to – Done!
    Earn an Extra 3 Tickets – Twitter –
    Earn an Extra 3 Tickets – Twitter a post that links to – Done! – comment/vote Done! – Done!

    Total 27 Entries!! Woohoo!! I hope I win this time cow!

    ChiQ Montess last blog post..John Cow Contest from Store Stacker

  51. [...] Cow just started a new contest on his site, to promote the release of a new product called StoreStacker.  StoreStacker seems [...]

  52. Subscribed to both newsletters

    Twitter Post about this contest:

    Twitter Post about

    Squidoo Rating and Comment: from user: koiphish

    Blog Post about this contest and with links:

    CreatingRevenueOnline.coms last blog post..JohnCow’s New Contest

  53. [...] out the contest here. Enjoy it? Then Share It! These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share [...]

  54. Alright Cow – I did the required registration. Twittered about the contest and Storestacker:

    Voted up and commented on the Squidoo page:

    And blogged about it here:

    By my count that’s 27 tickets. :mrgreen:

  55. Mike says:

    I’m signed up and subscribed. I Twittered both pages here:

    I also commented on your Lens and gave it 5 stars my user name is fourmutts.


  56. Freelocale says:

    Done posting on our blog, you can check them out at here :

    I can’t hardly wait to win ! :mrgreen:

    Visit our site :
    For freebies : ebooks, games, freewares, WP themes & plugins

    Freelocales last blog post..100 Ways to Help You Succeed Make Money

  57. I subscribed by e-mail
    Posted about your contest and linked here and to StoreStacker
    That would be 16 tickets.
    Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!

    Tracy Kokemullers last blog post..Ben Stiller’s Tropic Thunder in theatres August 13

  58. Mik says:

    Subscribed and signed up, some awesome prizes.

  59. danandmarsh says:

    Hi, :arrow: I blogged about this awesome contest here:
    JohnCow Giveaway–Win Big With StoreStacker—-15
    already sub to you, sub. and confirmed to StoreStacker—————–1
    twittered about contest:————————3
    so looks to be 19 entries for me
    thanks for the generous contest :lol:

    danandmarshs last blog post..JohnCow giveaway–Win Big With StoreStacker

  60. [...] not A Blog”), enter your name and email at the contest registration (can also be found here), and you will receive 1 ticket to qualify for the [...]

  61. Laid down 5 Stars, added as a fav, and commented at

  62. danandmarsh says:

    Hi :arrow: here’s my post about the contest:
    Johncow Giveaway–Win Big With StoreStacker——–15
    twittered the contest: ———————————-3
    twittered StoreStacker ———————3
    already subscribed here, and sub+confirmed Rss to StoreStacker————–1
    looks to be 22 entries for me!
    good luck to all! :wink:

    danandmarshs last blog post..JohnCow giveaway–Win Big With StoreStacker

  63. Lisa says:

    Subscribed to both.

    Wrote about it here:


    squidoo – 5 stars and commented (blm03)

  64. Not sure if my comment made it:
    >>Twitter Contest:
    >>Twitter StoreStacker:
    >>Squidoo Vote & Comment: Twice at, under ‘depperson’
    >>Post on my website @

    Winning…something that doesn’t oft happen for me.. But you can win if you don’t play!

  65. [...] Xbox, Iphone, Ipods oh my! submit_url = “”; We’ve just teamed up with to put together a wicked giveaway.  There are 5 winners spots with a spread including an Xbox 360, Iphone or Ipod Touch (your choice), Bose computer speakers, Bose headphones, Ipod Shuffle and free StoreStacker, ContentSolution and RSStoBlog software.  With 5 spots for winners, your chances of winning are VERY good, so click here to enter.  [...]

  66. [...] new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!John Cow is having another great blog contest sponsored by storestacker. There will be 5 winners with some great prize packages including cool [...]

  67. nhc1987 says:

    1. Subscriber of
    2. Subscriber of
    3.Twitter a post that links to this contest page. Link :
    4. Twitter a post that links to Link :
    5. Make a post about this contest. Link

    Total = 22 pts


    nhc1987s last blog post..WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!

  68. Affuan says:

    No need for me to achieve any ticket because I’m in Malaysia. :mrgreen:

    Affuans last blog post..New page[s]

  69. [...] ipod touch/iphone, shuffle, speakers, and more..! August 12, 2008 — contestblogger John Cow has partnered up with storestacker to bring us another huuge contest with awesome [...]

  70. wesley says:

    Blog post:

    Pownced both URLs:

    Twittered both URLs:

    Rated 5/5 on squido, favorited the lens and posted a comment: (username wesleyh)

    Subscribed to both newsletters.

    Thanks again for the great contest!

    wesleys last blog post..Win an xbox 360, ipod touch/iphone, shuffle, speakers, and more..!

  71. Wow!!!!those are hot prizes!!!!:)i might try my luck now :lol:

    NaldzGraphicss last blog post..Excellent Free Fonts Everyone Must Have

  72. Wow! What a price. Already subscribe and hopefully that would give me enough luck to win. :cool:

  73. [...] 8/11/08 John Cow is at it again with another big time blog contest.  This time he has partnered up with StoreStacker to provide 5 levels of amazing prizes.  [...]

  74. Sarv007 says:

    27 points earned hooray ! waiting for giveaway :mrgreen:
    Heres proof……
    >>Registration and Earn 1 Ticket (This is mandatory for all participants)

    >>Earn an Extra 3 Tickets – Twitter or Pownce a post that links to this contest page (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

    >>Earn an Extra 3 Tickets – Twitter or Pownce a post that links to (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

    >>Earn an Extra 5 Tickets – Vote up and comment on the Squidoo page at (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)
    =>squidoo profile Sarv007 commented and voted

    >>Earn an Extra 15 Tickets – On a publicly accessible blog that you own, make a post about this contest and it must be a live link directly to this page and must also have a live link to (Must comment below with link to post to prove it)

  75. Jim says:

    Just posted my tweet at: Hope I win something this time!

  76. Crunchnow says:

    Hey John I Blogged about this below and subscribed to your feed I got a contest giving away $1000.00 on I hope u can help me the same as i did and write a post.

    Crunchnows last blog post..Subscribe To Win $1000.00 Cash From Crunch Now

  77. Asim says:

    I am like wOw.cOm those prizes are huge :mrgreen: . I have completed the following :
    1 :arrow: ) Already Subscribed to your mail
    2 :arrow: ) Subscribed on your landing page
    3 :arrow: ) Here is the Twitter status
    4 :arrow: ) Here is the Twitter status
    5 :arrow: ) Registered Voted and commented on Squidoo by User name Roshill here

    6 :arrow: ) Blogged about this contest on my website here

    And i wish every one the best of luck ! :razz:

    Asims last blog post..Blogger Got Pimped | New Add Gadget | Add a Gadget

  78. [...] To enter, you just need to subscribe to both their newsletters. There are other ways to add more entries so check out the full details at the contest post. [...]

  79. [...] I’ve only been around a couple of months… but still). You can check out it out, here. Bookmark and ShareClose this WindowBookmark and Share This Page Save to Browser [...]

  80. Hey, great contest!

    I subscribed via email, and also posted about it here:

  81. bm says:

    I hope this will be open to non-US citizens too :mrgreen:

    • Roshill says:

      Yea ,
      It is Bm… don’t think sign up today .
      Store Stacker will be serving to many countries i think . :smile:

      Roshills last blog post..

  82. The Net Fool says:

    Here we go again! Long overdue for a prize here :wink:

    +1 Subscribed to both feeds
    +3 Twittered the Contest Page:
    +3 Twittered
    +5 Voted Squidoo page a 5/5, favorited it and left a comment as “Jim”

    = 12 Entries for Jim from :)

    The Net Fools last blog post..The Net Fool’s Promo Video on BlogGears

  83. pinoyconsole says:

    Ok, here is my added entry to this give away (not contest :wink: ) to complete my 27 tickets and get more chance to win cool prizes. Here is the my post: :smile:

  84. [...] The cow man is at it again by making ripples in the blogosphere. This time he’s got a truck load of fantastic prizes to give away to some lucky winners in a contest he recently launched. [...]

  85. Incredible contest! Thanks for putting it on. Here are my entries:

    Already signed up via email and registered at Store Stacker (1 ticket; same email as the one in comment form)

    Twittered your contest here (3 tickets)

    Twittered about Store Stacker here (3 tickets)

    Voted your Squidoo lens (MarkSierra) and would pay real money if I could figure out how to leave a comment on it, so if I missed the boat, that’s okay. :)

    And of course, the post (15 tickets)

    Mark Sierra at Darn Good Reviewss last blog post..Heckler and Jamie Kennedy Contest

  86. marcoa108 says:

    Hi, here is my entry

    +1 Subscribed to both feeds
    +6 Twittered the Contest Page:
    +5 Voted Squidoo page a 5/5 and left a comment as “marcoa108”
    = 12 Entries

    Thanks for the great contest

  87. Amit says:

    Here are my entry points
    -Already subscribed to John Cow

    Working on the blog post – will be up shortly!

    Amits last blog post..New Blogger Dashboard = Easier Blogging = More Posts!

  88. Stacy says:

    subscribed via email and twittered with a link to this page

  89. Vishal says:

    1) registered

    2) twitter post to this page -

    3) twitter to storestacker page -

    4) squidoo -
    voted on squidoo and commented as user dubbagol name vishal

    5) blog post linking to this page and store stacker…

    thats 27 tickets!

  90. Alex says:

    OK, here we go:

    +1 : Subscribed to opt-ins
    +3 :
    +3 :
    (Commented and rated with SQUIDOO USERNAME: Thrax)
    +15 : (my domain & blog)

    = +27….YAY!

  91. [...] enter, simply visit the John Cow website to read the entry guidelines for the StoreStacker contest. The contest will run through Sunday, [...]

  92. daniele91 says:

    1) subscribed
    2)twitter post:
    3)twitter post:
    rated and commented with username: danielepach
    5) my post:
    I hope that there aren’t problems! :smile:

  93. Paul says:

    Squidoo vote and comment as user sheprd

    Squidoo comment”

  94. Huguette E. says:

    Subscribed :)

  95. Spencer Westwood says:

    Sorry, but no deal. Its extremely easy to provide the prizes outside the US/Canada and not doing so is a complete waste of time – or offer cash alternatives.
    :evil: :!:

  96. Keith Dsouza says:

    Hey I am in the contest here are the links to earn my extra points :wink:

    Subscribed to email – Contest tweet – Store tracker tweet
    Voted up and commented at squidoo.


    Keith Dsouzas last blog post..5 Useful Firefox Extensions to Analyze and Track Your Internet Usage

  97. David Miller says:

    1)Did both opt-ins
    Squidoo comment as mpstrax here:

    If the vote is something separate from the comment, I need someone to point me to it. Did not find it on my own.

    • David Miller says:

      Finally got back in with some help from the Squidoo support team :oops: , and figured out the voting thing. You definitely got a 5 from me.

      I don’t have my blog live yet (having trouble defining the niche market) but I would gladly give you a good word if I did.


  98. [...] There is a brand new contest at It seems that every week this site has great giveaways to go along with their awesome free information! You can read more details about the contest by going to the contest page. [...]

  99. I’ll try it this way: (posted this and storestacker) – Comment left as “BryanHufford” <–Blog post on my public blog

    Bryan Huffords last blog post..Big Giveaway – StoreStacker and

  100. Nick Bazin says:

    twitted at

    5 stars voted and comment on

    posted on my blog:

    Thanks for the great contest again! You rock!!

    Nick Bazins last blog post..JohnCow can help you strike it rich!!

  101. [...] Johncow has a contest going on right now with… all kinds of freebies are being given away. [...]

  102. Affpreneur says:

    1) Subscribed. +1
    2) Subscribed. +1
    3) My twitter posts (2): +3, +3
    4) Squidoo: Author: Affpreneur +5
    5) My blog post: +15

    Total = 27 tickets.

    If you ever have any spare time, I’d welcome your comments on

  103. Victor Zhou says:

    Commented and voted 5 stars on squidoo as l1l

  104. [...] sites. It is really hard not to like those guys. Particularly when they keep running such kick ass contests. Teaming up with StoreStacker, the Cow really has outdone themselves this [...]

  105. Dusty says:

    Subscribe via email – check
    Sign up at StoreStacker – check
    Voted and Posted comment on Squidoo – check
    Posted about contest on Experimental Blogging – check

    Dustys last blog post..Live Life No One Else So Later You Can Live Like No One Else

  106. Mr. Javo says:

    What happen if I win ( I’m from Venezuela ) and I send me the prize to a P.O. Box? It’s that legal?

  107. John says:

    Just posted at Twitter! Here’s my URL:

    Working on the others.

    Best Regards,


  108. John says:

    Voted up and commented the Squidoo!

    Username: DollarCardMarketing



  109. Okay, finally figured out where the comment section over at Squidoo. Duh! Gotta get more familiar with that site. :wink:

    So that adds another 5 tickets to my total.

  110. [...] you see all that is being given away at the contest on There will be 5 winners and the 1st place winner gets an XBox 360 among other [...]

  111. - Subscribed to both lists
    - Twittered Contest Post:
    - Twittered StoreStacker:
    - Commented and rated on Squidoo as klock75
    - Wrote blog post:

  112. Step1:
    Subscribed to; Email:
    Subscribed to Email:

    Twitter Post:

    Squido Vote & Comment:

    Public Blog with contest details and active links:

    Kalpesh Ajugias last blog post..Win cash Rs.10,000!!!

  113. [...] and I check out his site on a semi-regular basis. I subscribed to his blog in order to qualify for a contest with amazing prizes. They are being provided by the makers of a cool new software package called StoreStacker, which it [...]

  114. Martin says:

    I’m squidless and non-twitterpated, but I did blog about it :lol:

    Martins last blog post..StoreStacker Contest at

  115. The Dude says:

    Hi Guys! I’m in! Awesome giveaway.

    Twitter ->
    Squidoo -> and rated as thedudeblog.

    I will also be writing a blog post, will post a link to it tomo!

    The Dude

    The Dudes last blog post..Easing Explained for AS2 and AS3.

  116. Pierceopolis says:

    Hi all, here are my links to the posts for the storestacker contest. my site and blog post my pownce posts my twitter posts ive commented and 5 stared it. post name is, you guessed it, pierceopolis
    let me know if this is posted properly please

  117. nirra says:

    I blogged about it on

    Woo hoo, hope I win!!

  118. [...] Cow is having another contest and this time it is a BIG ONE!  This contest is sponsored by StoreStacker.  StoreStacker is a new [...]

  119. Cecile says:

    I have registered at both sites.
    Twitter contest and storestacker
    Voted and commented on squidoo page
    Posted about it:

    Cool contest! Thanks!

    Ceciles last blog post..Acer AspireOne

  120. [...] out the complete contest details at This contest will not be possible without [...]

  121. iRonnie says:

    Wonderful set of prizes! Congratulations John! :mrgreen:
    [a] subscribed to your feed via email and to storestacker as well;
    [b] twittered about the contest:
    [c] twittered about storestacker:
    [d] voted 5 stars and left a comment as iRonnie on Squidoo (sorry but i can’t figure out how to link to my comment :neutral: )
    [e] created a blog post on

    Have a great day!

    iRonnies last blog post..Holy Cow! Great Prizes From John

  122. Dan says:

    Dude that Squidoo page is Awesome!! Just gave it five thumbs up!

    Dans last blog post..Free WordPress and BANS integration instructions!

  123. [...] an Extra 3 Tickets – Twitter or Pownce a post that links to the contest page (Must comment below with link to post to prove [...]

  124. Bill says:

    Subscribed, posted and Twittered both.

    Bills last blog post..StoreStacker Contest

  125. coy says:

    :mrgreen: Here are the two links
    To Twitter comment:
    To squidoo commen:t (under name: mrkool411

  126. coy says:

    Post on squidoo: (username mrkool411)
    Post on twitter:

  127. Normal Joe says:

    I subscribed to storestacker, already subscribed here. Twittered about the contest with both links.

    Commented/Voted on the squidoo lens as normalguymarketing you’ll see my mug :)

    Blog post will be coming soon with a trackback to this post and a live link

    Normal Joes last blog post..Tired of this crap man Feedburner stats are wack

  128. pinoyconsole says:

    Just to make your life a little easier counting my entry :smile: , below is my list of entries so far.
    +1 Already a subscriber
    +3 or maybe more for pownce and twitter with contest link
    +3 or maybe more for pownce and twitter with storestacker link
    +5 squiido
    +15 post– Just Post Today

  129. bm says:

    okei, i’m gonna try my luck on this one :mrgreen:

    I subscribed to both with the same e-mail I used on this comment.
    Twitted @ +
    I voted & comment on the Squidoo page (sweetieroar)
    & here’s my post:

  130. Stacy says:


    I subscribed via email & twittered with a link to this page:

    working on the rest now….
    tyhank you for a great give away!
    ::keeping my fingers crossed::

  131. Susan Juliano says:

    I do like the look of this StoreStacker thing. And I’ll take the bonus entries for posting a link to Twitter at:

  132. Donna says:

    I;m entered…yay

  133. John,

    Just Tweeted about this site and Store Stacker here:

    “I will win… or die tryin’”

    A.W. :cool:

  134. John,

    Tony the Tiger has nuthin’ on me! I just “Pownce-d” the word about Store Stacker and this contest at

    Yeah baby! :cool:


  135. Up from the depths of the sea!

    My Squidoo comment about this contest and Store Stacker is here:

    Okay, bring on the points!

    A.W. :cool:

  136. Whew! I did it, I really did it!

    I just completed a blog post about the contest on my Moving4ward Internet Marketing Blog. I discussed both & with active links built in.

    Here is the link:

    Man, I have never worked so hard for so much good stuff…

    A.W. :cool:

  137. Matthew says:

    I have already signed up on this blog and store stacker,

    My Twitter on both this blog and Store Stacker,

    Just commented on your squidoo,

    And last of all my website where i have commented on the competition is here


    Matthews last blog post..WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!!

  138. Jenny S. says:

    I really want to win.
    Here are my posts for the 27 points:
    1. ——>both links
    2. ——> both links
    4. Commented on Squidoo – user: kapara

    Hope this gives me the 27 points to win.

  139. Stacy says:

    twittered with a link to storestacker

  140. Stacy says:

    blog posting with links to this page and @

  141. Silla says:

    Wow, I was saving up for BANS but now I’m glad I didn’t have enough to buy it yet :P StoreStacker has the ability to also integrate Amazon and ClickBank products, which is what I was wishing BANS was able to do too. Thanks for bringing this product to my attention! I really hope I win! ^^

    I’d just like some clarifications about the prize delivery – I don’t live in the US, so I won’t get the physical prize if I win.
    - What do you mean by a follow-up contest? Does that mean you or StoreStacker will host another contest, or will they sponsor a contest on the prize winner’s blog?
    - If the winner is willing to pay the delivery costs, will you send them the physical prize?
    - If we can’t get the physical prize, and we won prize 3, 4, or 5, can we get a full version of StoreStacker instead?

    Here are my entries:
    - Subscribed to JohnCow newsletter
    - Subscribed to StoreStacker newsletter
    - Twitter about contest at
    - Twitter about StoreStacker at
    - Voted and commented on Squidoo page at (username is silla)
    - Blogged about the contest with links at

    That makes 27 points! Thanks! ^__^

  142. punkcash says:

    I subscribed to both your blog and StoreStackers
    (using the email I use to comment here)


    Squidoo’d and voted under punkcash

    Blogg’d on my new blog :twisted:

    27 tickets please…. :wink:

    punkcashs last blog post..JohnCow and StoreStacker Giveaway!

  143. John says:

    :arrow: I’ve GONE FOR THE CYCLE!!! 27 Tickets, Please!

    Here’s my post for the contest at Twitter:

    Here’s my blog post:

    Thank You,

    Dollar Card Marketing

  144. twitter/shesquared posted both links

    posted as shesquared

  145. David says:

    I’m already subscribed to your blog and storestacker, twittered about your contest and to the storestacker page (username: schlossy), commented on your squidoo lens (username: schlossy), and wrote about your contest here:

    That should be 27 entries thank you very much :)

    Davids last blog post..Win Huge With StoreStacker

  146. zee says:

    Just create a page at twitter and write about this giveaway

    ps:thanks john I never know twitter existand that maybe because I’m more an email junkie than online junkie ….;]

  147. May G says:

    Thanks for the chance to win such awesome prizes! Here are my entries:

    I’m already your subscriber and had just subscribed to StoreStacker (1 ticket; same email as the one in comment form)

    Twittered your contest here (3 tickets):

    Twittered about Store Stacker here (3 tickets):

    Blog about this awesome contest (15 tickets):

    That’s 22 entries! Thank you!!

    May Gs last blog post..Win Big Time Prizes at

  148. [...] PLUS you can also earn extra “Tickets” to dramatically increase your chances to win. Check contest post for details.Give Away Dates:• Registration for the “Give Away” begins on Monday [...]

  149. [...] WIN Big Time with StoreStacker!! Sphere: Related ContentSHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “WIN Big Time with StoreStacker at”, url: “” }); TAGS: Contest [...]

  150. Subscribed to your feed by email.
    Subscribed to StoreStacker.
    Blogged at:

  151. charles keel says:

    Hello J and partners

    I am not one for jumping into all freebies. I recognize a good thing when i see one. my previous attempts at IM have all been a cropper.
    Maybe, I can start again with an advantage oveer others with yoour give aways.

    Thank you for the opportunity :shock:

    Best regards

    Charles keel
    PS: These give aways can be a good start for any IM start up :lol:
    also i am without an URL

  152. Nice contest! I’m glad i visited again (hadn’t been here since the domain was for sale).

    Blogged at
    Twitter here
    And another here

    Ryan McFarlands last blog post..Win some prizes

  153. Wow, I am participating in any contest after so many days. John, I opted for email subscription for this blog + subscribed to storestalker + twitted and linked to this post as well as storestalker here at and

    So I should have 1 + 3 + 3 = 7 points. I could not figure out way to comment on Squidoo page. So could not make thos extra 5 points yet.

  154. [...] Cow is giving away some serious prizes in his current Storestacker Giveaway Contest.  Here are some of the prizes that are up for [...]

  155. [...] every day you have the opportunity to receive free toys. Today you have the chance to register on John for soma amazing prizes in a give away promo from store In most cases I usually do not [...]

  156. Anna says:

    I’ve posted my post here

    I reported in my earlier comments about my other compliance reports (tweats et al) for this contest. All under the same comment email address!

    Annas last blog post..Exchange

  157. Allen Wagner says:

    Twitter posts (2 as required):

    Squidoo vote and comment: customhongkongtailor

    Blog post:

  158. Here’s the post I put on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Plaxo and Facebook:

    If you haven’t seen John Cow’s online contest, check it out at
    Some pretty good prizes!

    Jon Christensens last blog post..Food Cravings

  159. Twitter post to contest (other one was to main site)

    Whoops, the last post was for John Cow’s web site. Here’s the one for the contest: 1 minute ago from

    Jon Christensens last blog post..Food Cravings

  160. [...] guys at StoreStacker have teamed up with to giveaway some fantastic prizes. The grand prize includes a new XBOX 360, but I think I’d [...]

  161. Voted & commented on your lens as jbchristensen.

    Jon Christensens last blog post..Food Cravings

  162. Aaron says:

    Not sure if my last comment worked, so here it is again (sorry if it’s a double)

    my blog post:

    plus I subscribed to both newsletters…

    Can’t wait for the StoreStacker to come out!!

    Aarons last blog post..Trying to make a little bling money

  163. [...] Ok, not ashamed to say it… this has nothing to do with the General Lee Car but doesnt change the fact that I want to win the store stacker prize here:  [...]

  164. Tammy says:

    Ok, think I got it all done…
    Already subscribed at
    Subscribed at
    Posted both URL’s at
    Voted and commented at as ClintMc
    And lastly posted on a blog of mine at

    Whew, hope I did it all right. Thanks for the chance at storestacker :cool:

    Tammys last blog post..New John Cow Store Stacker Contest

  165. [...] and StoreStacker have come together for a huge contest with some great prizes. [...]

  166. MoneyM8 says:

    Registered for 1 entry :grin:

    Posted for another 15 entries :grin:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I can’t wait till I win :lol:

    MoneyM8s last blog post..John Cow and StoreStacker bring you a huge contest with great prizes

  167. Darryl Noble says:

    I hope I did it all, looking for a good chance at the killer prizes.

    Twitter link to John Cow Contest post

    Twitter link to

    Squidoo vote and comment

    Publicly accessible blog post about and live links

    Darryl Nobles last blog post..John Cow StoreStacker Contest

  168. [...] to enter a contest with massive giveaways that include Store Stacker, X-Boxes and other goodies! Visit the contest site here: #100 is in post production now and will be out very, very soon. Stay tuned you Unsung Heroes! :) [...]

  169. Weddingzilla says:

    I don’t think my comment went through, so if this is a duplicate, so sorry!
    Registered at both and
    Twittered here:
    Commented on Squidoo as Weddingzilla. BTW, great lens!
    Blogged here:

    Thanks for the fun.
    Love and Peace,

    Weddingzillas last blog post..Udderly Moovelous Contest From and

  170. topen82 says:

    Ok, think I got it all done…
    Already subscribed at

    Twitter link to John Cow Contest post

    Twitter link to

    Squidoo vote and comment as topen82

    Publicly accessible blog post about and live links

  171. I will do everything by tomorrow :twisted:

    Twitter links to Contest &

    Squidoo Vote and Left Comment

    and I will make blog post tomorrow..Thanks for Great contest..

    ibusinesstalks last blog post..Make Money with

  172. [...] couldn’t resist joining John Cow’s Storestacker Giveaway; I hope you don’t think that I’m whoring my blog out with my Sunday contest posts, but [...]

  173. Bcarter says:

    Of course, I waited until the last minute. I’m already subscribed and I signed up at
    Here’s a link to my post mentioning the contest and storestacker.

    Bcarters last blog post..Contest Post – John Cow Storestacker Giveaway

  174. [...] by WAHM Tara in Blog Contest I do not generally post blog contests, but John Cow is hosting a HUGE contest with some great prizes for a few lucky winners! The contest is sponsored [...]

  175. WAHM Tara says:

    WOW, this is an amazing contest!

    I have subscribed to both sites, blogged about the contest at, posted it on twitter at, and voted for your Squidoo page and eft a comment. My name on Squidoo is Safewell.

    WAHM Taras last blog post..John Cow Win Big Contest

  176. [...] has great contest which ends today and I wish I can win some prizes. I never had such luck but hope this time I can break that pattern. The Prize is sponsored by StoreStacker and you should check out storestacker if you have affiliate blog or web sites. [...]

  177. here is my blog post

    so I completed all my 27 tickets and wish I can win some prize… :mrgreen:

    ibusinesstalks last blog has great contest- I wish I could win

  178. Mariana says:

    Great contest!
    - Already subscribed
    - Sent a tweet:

    Thank you! :grin:

    Marianas last blog post..Note to Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits

  179. David says:

    Registered with both sites.

    Twittered with links to both this post and storestacker:

    7 entries.

  180. [...] to be another great opportunity to get some great free stuff. The folks who run the blog over at have setup a contest with co-sponsor [...]

  181. Bryan Bliss says:

    blog post at

    squidoo comment and favorited:

    wow, all i can say is wow. lucky that i can still type, but for now, speech skills fail me
    could be all the beer
    or maybe the painkillers
    thanks for the contest
    bryan Bliss

    Posted August 23, 2008

    twitter posts for johncow and onother for storestacker :

    Bryan Blisss last blog post..Another blowout contest at

  182. [...] Trimble and Halfagain LLC, the owner of StoreStacker. Prizes may take up to 30 days for delivery. 8/11/2008 ebook, headphone, iphone, ipod, johncow, speaker, xbox360 No [...]

  183. Normal Joe says:

    Man! I snoozed and forgot to do a blog post, was getting ready to write it up for this week and noticed the contest ended yesterday! Hopefully my entries will get me some good contest lovin :mrgreen:

    Normal Joes last blog post..Blogs I read this week

  184. m.dinesh says:

    I subscribed to johncow and storestacker.
    I twitter my post that links to the contest post.

    Twitter :

    I posted the link to twitter that has a link to this post and store stacker.

    I created the post and gave direct link here:

    So if i am correct I will get: 1+3+3+15 = 22
    This is the link:

    Hope i win atleast one of these prizes.

    Thank you for the contest.

    m.dineshs last blog post..John Cow and StoreStacker Blog Contest


    The two twitter posts.

    Blog post is in the commentluv link

    CreatingRevenueOnline.coms last blog post..JohnCow’s New Contest

  186. John Cow says:

    Yes, I will make sure scott sends you some brownie’s :)