What is the Purpose of Your Blog for Building Your Business

Written by Jason Katzenback on January 19th, 2010

Are you simply flying by the seat of your pants with absolutely no direction.. no goals… NO PURPOSE?

Do you empathize with your customers to understand what they are looking for… what they want to see… what they experience with you?

As much as many of you want to say yes… I guarantee that most of you are actually a no. The reason, in my personal opinion, is because of a desire to make money and an impatience to want it now.

In the below video, I am starting a series with Stefeni Warner of  the WellnessDetective.com and my plan is to have a multi part series that has us walk through the transformation of Stefeni’s current blog to something worthwhile.

The questions that I ask in this video, that each one of you should ask are:

  1. Whats the purpose of your site for building your business? Is it to sell products, capture leads, promote your service… what?
  2. What is the target audience of your site and who is your perfect reader? (Age, sex, income, goals, location…etc)
  3. Whats your niche? Pick a targeted niche to start with. Even though your blog appears to be about wellness, pick one segment of wellness to start with.

Stefeni, please answer these questions in a comment below and in the next video we will take the answers and redesign the blog to match. Once we are done that we will look at market research for posts and then we will get into promoting.

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56 Responses to “What is the Purpose of Your Blog for Building Your Business”

  1. Phillip Dews says:

    Hey Jason some good point’s here for budding bloggers like me! I am waiting with baited breath for the next step! I think I have covered the 3 points raised in this post with my blog! This aint a plea for help, but I love learning from the master (lol) and any Tips, Pointers, Critizisms or comment’s you may have about mine would be great if you have 5!
    All The Best Buddy!

    Phillip Dews

  2. Jonathan says:

    Great, I can’t wait to watch the progression of this. I too have the 3 questions covered. I am working on generating traffic and that will help mold my blog for my answer in question 1. Thanks for the tips in other blog posts as well. Keep milkin’ it!

  3. Great hints! I am working on promoting my service and find who is target audience or perfect reader. How long they are spending time on my blog and what’s they are reaction on my post.

  4. Great post! Liked the questions and by answering these questions, it made me think what I am planning for my sites/blogs. It also helped me to re-think my current plans and tweek a bit to match the answers to the questions.

    Keep coming and thanks for sharing the information.


  5. Joe says:

    Jason, we may think we have these 3 points covered but over time we lose focus on them. A post like this makes you stop and do a mental checklist. So thanks for the nudge in the right direction. Looking forward to part 2.

  6. Shane says:

    Very good. I hope this one will turn out well for everyone involved, because I really think that the concept of doing such “public coaching” on how to improve a website is really great!

    With niche sites, in my experience, less is always more. Narrowing the focus and giving the visitors fewer options usually boosts conversions. An example of fewer options would be to have only one prominent opt-in box with a good freebie offer on every page and no other, distracting options.

  7. Jayson great vid… questions that all bloggers should ask.

    More specific you can be with your blog, the better your readers will interact.

  8. Tattoo Kits says:

    Great post, its like the old saying “those who fail to plan plan to fail” without a basic plan and sense of direction for your blog you are going to be running around aimlessly

  9. Steve says:

    Good post Jason, always look forward to reading you valuable content.


  10. Hey Jason! Awesome information. I’m going back and reworking some of my blog, based on what you discussed today! I love what you are doing here, and look forward to seeing your next video!!

  11. Clive says:

    Hi John,

    This blog is, as it currently stands, so generic of what so many newbie bloggers are doing – just throw a load of stuff up there and focus on nothing.

    I really hope Stephanie grabs this opportunity you are giving her with your critique.

  12. Jeromy says:

    Great Post Jason,

    This is actually a process I am trying to go through with my blog. My initial goal being to increase the value of my content. I admit I fell into the ‘in a hurry to make money’ crowd. I did make money, for awhile. It is just now that I am beginning to better define my site, what its goal is, whom my target audience is, how to provide value and trust, etc. Certainly your blog and web2mayhem training have helped me understand this industry so much better.



  13. Jason…

    This is (and will be) actually very entertaining. I strongly believe in the power of example.
    Taking Stefeni’s website and offering a complete makeover will be beyond entertainment though – video is very instructive.

    I am offering videos myself to my subscribers, but I may ‘steal’ your idea in the future, he, he… hope you won’t mind.

    Posting video tips and similar stuff to the blog may also increase the traffic, not only the audience’s interest. Excellent!

    Steve Lorenzo SEOVirtuoso
    Free Video Tips For Broke Marketers

  14. Hey Jason,
    Like Shane says above I hope this works out for both Stefeni and you, this is quite possibly the best training you could offer.
    I think the benefits for people like me to be able to watch how you transform a blog, could be huge.
    Stefeni, this is an awesome opportunity for you I wish you all the luck in the world with it and look forward to watching your blog grow.


  15. Ron says:

    I love these live cast studies Jason. I hope you keep them up. Sorry to hear the last guy got upset, I hope Stefeni is more open to it.

    A great point in keeping on topic to a niche within a market. Too many bloggers (myself included) start out focusing on a market instead of a niche.

  16. Trader Seth says:

    Wow – I’m glad I took the time to watch your video, Jason. I know I sometimes get “in my head” too much and tend to forget about what the audience might want. You’ve certainly given me some food for thought!

    I hope Stefani starts making the changes. I’m anxious to watch your next review!

  17. Fakhrul Alam says:

    Purpose of my blog is build my business as well as help people that they can also do it and change their lifestyle forever.

    John your article is great to undestand that they can also do it and might change their lifestyle forever.

    Thanks for sharing it

  18. Blogger says:

    This makes a lot of sense because it is important to know what your targeted audience so you can understand the customer and actually know what the customer wants.

  19. This is a very well-written article with some nice tips. Starting a blog can be tough, and expecting to make money right from the get-go is a sad disappointment for many. But for those who can stick to it and keep blogging, wonderful things can and will happen.

  20. orz says:

    Great post! I’ll try to think about it.

  21. Crista Gary says:

    No doubt people are using Blog for the purpose of advertisement but logs are playing vital role in sharing information through online networking as well.

  22. Yes, good video, I think you’re right.

    You must choose a main goal and you must post useful information, details, not just a bunch of links…


  23. Thanks for the information, as always it’s top shelf stuff and I can’t wait to put it into practice! :)

  24. It is just now that I am beginning to better define my site, what its goal is, whom my target audience is, how to provide value and trust, etc. It helps me to build a good and an earning internet market.

  25. Sean Breslin says:

    Hello Jason, that was a good post, I just wish it was as easy to imagine the ideal customer for
    Internet Marketing Tools, my customer base is a split between men and women with the guys just have the edge in numbers. Age race and nationality is a mixed bag… but America is the leader number wise.

  26. Webhotel says:

    You ideas on using a blog for commercial ends is very thoughtful. This will be useful tips.

  27. All Recipes says:

    Since a blog should be a business and not only a blog we’re always looking for ways to turn higher conversion and increase traffic.


  28. Dave Know says:

    These are some great tips on starting a blog and understanding what your voice should be. I think bloggers forget who is listening or who they want to be listening as a prime example. I really, think that if you want a successful blog you need to figure out what type of engagement you are with your listeners and that niche community as well. You could know very little about SEO or the background but if you keep pumpiing out great content and engaging with your niche with it’s various sites, blogs, and forums people will listen to your voice I’m sure of it. I really like this post for various reasons and have gone ahead and bookmarked it for later use. Thanks!

  29. vijay says:

    Hey Jason! Awesome information. I’m going back and reworking some of my blog, based on what you discussed today! I love what you are doing here, and look forward to seeing your next video!! affiliate

  30. Hey Jason,

    I like the video, it breaks down a lot of the initial thought process of building a blog very well.

    It is easy to jump into a blog and start posting and then think of a plan later, I know cause I done it once (ha).

    But you live and learn, and now I am seeing the benefits.

    Look forward to your updates.

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  32. Anie says:

    Its nice post. This appears generally in blogger’s mind.

  33. Oli says:

    I’ve been trying to explain the ins and outs of blogging for business to my new boss. I gave up – its like trying to explain space travel to a ferret.

  34. Sean Supplee says:

    Jason, great points here about taking the time out to think about your business plan for your blog. I know of many people/companies that just post generic things up just to get content out there. But spending the time to research and put up quality information is whats going to be the game changer for your blog and make it stick out above the rest.

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  36. Great post, its like the old saying “those who fail to plan plan to fail” without a basic plan and sense of direction for your blog you are going to be running around aimlessly

  37. That’s a great website review and really good tips. I’ve been blogging for a while, and I’m doing fairly well. But I’ve actually never answered the questions that you’re asking. So this was a really wake up call for me.

    I’ll do a lot better once I answer your questions. Thanks for sharing.

  38. locksmith says:

    Great blog – will go back and rethink what direction to go for – cheers

  39. locksmith says:

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  40. iWoodpecker says:

    As to me, I’ve understood the importance of knowing your audience and the perfect readers/subscribers/customers lately. And because of that I’ve done a hude number of changes with my blog, which, actually, gave me the needed satisfaction.

    And now you’re making this video… Well, isn’t that a some kind of miracle? :) Do people read others’ thoughts? :) )

  41. That’s a good question you asked my friend. And, I am proud to see your superb search engine rankings too, although John doesn’t post everyday. Did you also do article marketing and press releases, to get your search engine rank that low?


  42. AKP says:

    There seem to be so many possibilities on the internet today and its absolutely nessesary not to loose focus. Its a very good idea with a checklist.

  43. PatPro says:


    Excellent post. I will keep my eyes open for the continuation.

  44. Great post, time to rethink some things perhaps.

  45. That’s a wonderful post actually. It really made me realise how deciding a Purpose is more important to build my online business. I just want to give it a thought first.

    Thanks again

  46. Matthew Neer says:

    Great post here Jason,

    You make a solid point about knowing your audience and knowing why you even blog in the first place. If you ever want your blog to be profitable then you need to speak directly to your audience in the way they want to hear it. You’re ebook “How To Build A Business, Not A Blog” is a great example of how to do that.

    Speak soon,
    Matthew Neer

  47. Rose says:

    Really it is rethinkable. When I start my blog I dont have any special purpose. But Now realising that I have some definite purpose. Thanks

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  49. samphaul says:

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  50. Vance Sova says:

    Hi Jason,

    I appreciate your willingness to help your readers this way.

    It’s interesting for me to read what the main purpose of your blog is.

    I hope that you’ll keep on doing this because getting a feedback and help like that is priceless.

    I don’t know of anyone else doing it right now.


  51. Hi Jason,

    I really loved the post as it had the real value that any blog should provide to its audience. I am further looking for great tips from you to provide even more value to my blog customers.

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  52. Ovi says:

    My first purpose is giving people the correct information. Money is second in my online business.

  53. Ndasika says:

    Thank you for video and the post. Blogs are brands and they must stand for something. In marketing the first thing is to segment the market and focus on specifics which includes: Specific target group, this because as you said you cannot sell to everyone. Another critical thing that your video has brought out is the issue of focusing. I love your video because this is the basis of building any brand. A brand stand for focus and consistence. A brand is a promise and a promise cannot lack focus. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  54. Thanks for sharing very important matter. It’s so much helpful for me because I don’t know about this before. I’m also watch video so now I clear fully. Thanks again Jason

  55. Hi Jason,

    First of all thanks for such a lovely post. I always tend to forget reading my audience and their interests. It is true that without any value no one would stick around any blog. Any content that we out should definitely make some sense to the guys who visit often or especially the ones who subscribe to the feeds since they love to comeback for more valuable and interesting content.

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