Hire Or Sell?

Written by Jason Katzenback on March 31st, 2008

Hi gang, here’s a quick update for you to chew on. If you think it has been a bit less busy over at our farm blog lately, you’re right. The off-line world is demanding more time because we’ve got a big moove ahead of us. We’re trading in the Irish paddock for new pastures down udder! A very exciting time, but also a very busy and unorganized time unfortunately.

There’s tons of paperwork to be sorted out for VISA applications, plenty of digging through what stuff we want to ship over and what we can give away to the charity shops etc. Besides that, we’re hooked to frigging twitter :evil:

So, we’ve been thinking how to improve the current situation and here’s what we came up with:

1) Hire a blog poster. Obviously someone with experience and talent. (We’re not going too much into the guest posting thing anymore because we feel the diversity of flavors that it brings with it isn’t suitable for this blog.

2) Sell. Yes we know its April’s Fools, but we’re deadly serious. If we could find a suitable candidate to take over, we would absolutely consider selling. Besides the extra time we’d get, the money would hurt either in our move to Australia.

We’d love to hear other suggestions if anyone has any. Obviously, if you’re a professional blogger who thinks he or she is bovine enough to write for us, please do contact us. If you’re filthy rich and you’d like to buy the farm…well you can contact us too!

If you’re bummed because you were expecting a prank from us today, we’re sorry. We’ve done our share of pranks in the past and nobody seemed to like them. Remember when we got sued for copyright infringement or when we got hacked?

Happy April fools day.

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54 Responses to “Hire Or Sell?”

  1. New Games, Featuring a review of Call of Duty 4. Unfortunately, I forgot to upload it. Moment’s gone. Story That Could Be An April Fool Gag But I Can’t Decide: Guitar Hero for the C64. Meme Become Aware Of: “Rickrolling” (thanks To Youtube,John Cowand Cheezburger) – the art of having an inconspicuous link to a video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Most Improved: Mum, who excelled herself from her previous half arsed attempts of

  2. another nagging chore. You would delete the whole thing if you hadn’t invested so much time already. Nobody told you it would be like this. It’s not an uncommon feeling. Statistics indicate roughly 98% of all blogs fail. Very recently the popularmake-money-onlineblog John Cow considered selling and One Man’s Goal was listed in a SitePoint auction. A growing list of bloggers have sold out in the last year. Not counting those who have considered selling, or listed and pulled out, many new and established

  3. another nagging chore. You would delete the whole thing if you hadn’t invested so much time already. Nobody told you it would be like this. It’s not an uncommon feeling. Statistics indicate roughly 98% of all blogs fail. Very recently the popularmake-money-onlineblog John Cow considered selling and One Man’s Goal was listed in a SitePoint auction. A growing list of bloggers have sold out in the last year. Not counting those who have considered selling, or listed and pulled out, several new and established

  4. Jason says:

    Happy April Fools to you too :)

    I’d say hire a writer and keep this going – you should be able to find a few for $10 – $20 a post and that still leaves a fair amount of room for profit.

    You could go for a sale too – blogs are doing well at the moment. Good luck with whatever you decide :)

    Jason’s last blog post..If You Do Not Comment On This Post You Fail At Life

  5. Mattaw says:

    You’d have to give a valuation if you wanted our advice for the sale.

    In terms of hiring out, thats plausable. Why not have a poll of what we think instead of just asking for comments…

    Mattaw’s last blog post..Sunday Stats #8 – A Goodbye

  6. It would be sad to see ya go as you’ve really set the standard for creative blogging and making mooney. I’d say hire a poster also, that way you’re still in control of the product you started..It could continue to grow and be worth even more when you do decide to sell it.

  7. Jim says:

    Haha, funny link there John :wink:
    I like it

    Jim’s last blog post..How To Effectively Use Images on Your Blog

  8. Monty says:

    It’s hard to know whether this is a joke or not cause if it is that’s a really well worked rickroll, but if it isn’t then you shouldn’t have come out with it with a rickroll…

    I’m guessing it’s an april fools….cause of the rickroll mainly…

    Monty’s last blog post..#43 – Sell Tags

  9. logosamurai says:

    Hi John!

    Come on, don’t sell it. If you sell your blog you will only make money once, little by little your money will dissappear. In the other hand if you hire someone to run it, you will be earning money for a very long time, I’m pretty sure it won’t be that hard to find someone to run this blog for you, also you will be able to blog when you have some free time…blog just for fun.

    See you!


  10. Malin says:

    Hahaha! I love that video :lol:

    Malin’s last blog post..I’m a Successful and Outstanding Blogger!

  11. Thanks to the Firefox Addon I have (anti-Rick Roll), it stops anything that plays that song. Suckers! :twisted:

    Chris Jacobson’s last blog post..How to Make Money with File Sharing

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  13. Jorge says:

    LoL Great! :lol:

    Jorge’s last blog post..Linda Ann Hopkins (Tera Patrick)

  14. Neil Duckett says:

    I wasn’t aware they’d loosened the immigration policy that much since i’d left Australia. :wink:

    Neil Duckett’s last blog post..Odaiba

  15. -Paul says:

    makes sense now, you have obviously been preoccupied with something other than this blog. out of interest, which part of OZ are heading to??

    -Paul’s last blog post..PhotoHunt High

  16. Erica says:

    Thank god I had my speakers off. Props.

    Erica’s last blog post..Dress Envy

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  18. Matt says:

    You could hire me to keep things ticking over. :lol: :razz:

    Matt’s last blog post..Thaksin Shinawatra seriously injured in freak tree-falling accident

  19. You got me with the link. LOL

  20. Darcy says:

    Ahhh you’re lucky i’m on a mac, mr cow ;)

    I’d go with hiring if i were you..but if you went down the path of selling, I’d offer a valuation or BIN price (at 25% more than what you want though)…

    Darcy’s last blog post..Blogmastr is now powered by wordpress 2.5

  21. Lmao… got me with the link. Nice one. As far as the blog, id say hire a blogger and at least overlook the blog content to assure quality. (And laughs of course).

    Fidel Betancourt JR’s last blog post..The Definitive Guide to StumbleUpon Success

  22. Preblogging says:

    I’d pay you 10k for the blog.

    Preblogging’s last blog post..WordPress 2.5 Guide

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  24. Si Philp says:

    I don’t think selling should be an option, wouldn’t want the possibility of stale milk :???:
    Nice april fools :razz:

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  26. DotDriven says:

    Go ahead and sell it. You already lost your mojo. This blog never was all that great for real marketing tips/advice (unless there were some good guest bloggers) but at least it had some decent comedy. Well it doesn’t even have that anymore. No offense inteded to be honest but you gave up what made this blog great in an attempt to “put on a suit” and play “grownup” pretending like you knew what you were doing ;) . Sure, you had a few decent and useful post but most were either just updates on industry news, paid reviews or post about your own products services (which weren’t all that great either…come one, Adsense templates?!?) or just some lame attempt at link bait.

    I don’t deny that you built up a decent reader base and an ok amount of traffic but in the end this place is more fluff than even Chows blog.

    Go ahead and try to get a premium price by selling now while it is still kind of on top. If not it will just continue to go down hill and you won’t get nearly as much for it later.

    Again, although probably comes across as an attack, no offense intended. I do respect your talent at comedy writing but you gave that up long ago :( . Now all we get is a bunch of dumb bovine related replacement words that just are not funny anymore. It’s udder boring…

    DotDriven’s last blog post..Washtington Mutual Bank F’ingSucks (.com?)

  27. John Cow says:

    No offense taken DotDriven. We just had a look at your blog and that has put everything in perspective for us. Thanks for the chuckle :)

  28. joshuaun says:

    hire or sell?
    fire or hell…….hehehe :evil:

    joshuaun’s last blog post..How to make your personal logo?

  29. Jason says:

    @ Preblogging, another April Fool’s joke? This blog is easily worth 3x that. ;)

    Jason’s last blog post..TUK Enters Into A Sponsorship Deal With Fruitful Time

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  31. I was think of making you an offer when I heard that John Chow’s site was for sale after his unfortunate death this morning. I think I will try to by Chow’s site instead.


    Not John Chow’s last blog post..By: Not John Chow

  32. Syed Balkhi says:

    I won’t visit and cancel subscription if you are not the writer. Just like I did with Chow’s blog. I hate it when the bloggers let their site run just for MONEY and forget about their readers. Hiring $10 , $20 per post is too cheap for a quality written post.

    I would say sell it

    Syed Balkhi’s last blog post..Ha, Mac is Hacked

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  34. eBuz'd says:

    The best long term solution might be outsourcing your content, as others have said. But I do know from experience it’s difficult to find writers who will ghost blog, at least at the level of writing your site would need. Anyone can get 2nd grade posts for $5 a pop, but experience and talent are worth much more than most blogs are willing to pay.

    eBuz’d's last blog post..The Secret to Maki of Dosh Dosh’s Blogging Success

  35. Agent 001 says:

    Hey that was not good at all.Let me tell you hate that thing.If I was a hacker then you would have been crying tomorrow and thinking why you put that.

    I would have taken your blog ,money and visitors.Visit my blog and see for your self.

    Agent 001′s last blog post..Express your Gratitude :New way to Link Friends

  36. Preblogging says:

    okay , how about 12k ? :?:

    Preblogging’s last blog post..WordPress 2.5 Guide

  37. John Cow says:

    @Preblogging, no thanks.

  38. Joe Tech says:

    I hate that link to moo.html. That was just mean.

  39. haha.. That link scared the crap out of me..

    “I was like.. Wow. Way to linkbaited and get a virus Brad -.- ”

    Good luck with your move to Australia :lol:

    BradBlogging.com – Increase Website Traffic With Easy To Follow Steps’s last blog post..What Makes A “Good” Blog, Good?

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  41. Tom says:

    My opinion.

    There is nothing to sell, the blog is you, your personality and your style. That’s why people come to it. If it was more than a blog, say a whole content management system with forums, maybe.

    As far as hiring someone to write full time, it would have to be many someones. One person can’t do it, that’s the equivelant of selling it. If one person were willing, they would likely start their own blog.

  42. Zero and Up says:

    I wonder if any milk companies would be interested in the site? :lol:

    It sounds like a tough decision, but totally up to you of course.

    Zero and Up’s last blog post..I Restrain From Blogging On April Fool’s Day

  43. Jay says:


    Then, do this all over again by creating a parody on another big industry name.

    Maybe MooMoney.com?


    Jay’s last blog post..Scheduling Social Networking Time

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  45. Casey says:

    Just don’t sell to iEntry. lololol. No, I’m serious though, don’t sell to them!

    Casey’s last blog post..Lessons Learned from a Broken Computer and a Hotlinker

  46. DotDriven says:

    Cow, go ahead and act like you are special or feel free to take shots at my blog but I never claimed to be an a-list blogger and only offer a handful of actual unique content that is helpful. My blog is just for fun and like 30th as far as revenue source.

    I’m just saying you did your best work back when you were less serious about your self and didn’t believe your own silly hype. Back when you leached off chow to get traffic, and deserved it because you actually had some talent back then and were funny. Not so much now.

    But if it makes you feel better to pretend then that is fine.

    You already tried to sell the site once so why not sell now. You know while the traffic is still reasonable rather than wait until it dies off more? Maybe then you would have time to make some real money rather than just selling adsense templates and copying ideas and selling on hype.

    But whatever. This blog stopped being a good read when you started taking yourself too serious and believed your own hype. :roll:

    DotDriven’s last blog post..Why park at WhyPark? Because your domains deserve better homes

  47. John Cow says:


    We’re not acting like we’re special.
    We’re not ‘taking a shot’ at your blog, simply ‘returning the favor’ by stating our observation.
    Our blog is for fun too, perhaps not as 30th for revenue, but hey.

    When did we leach traffic off Chow, and did we really have any talent to start with?

    We’re just puzzled as to why you had a sudden urge to judge us in a nasty comment, where the words “no offense intended” seemed to be misplaced in between all the down talking.

    You say we lost our mojo a long time ago, yet you’re obviously still reading us, and take the time to leave 100+words comments, what’s your real intention?

  48. DotDriven says:

    Bob, I know you would rather take the defensive route rather than just accept that many of the things I say are true. Whatever makes it easier for you I guess.

    To be completely honest, I used to be a huge fan and looked up to you as a creative blogger. Back when you were using your “leached” traffic and making it actually entertaining. Yes, you were leaching traffic with the name, basically one big link bait. But your content was creative and funny enough to make ti worth it. You used to be good.

    But then you decided to take yourself too serious and consider yourself a real marketer and changed the theme of the blog…which was probably just after you were trying to sell on sitepoint. I can see the motivation, to make more money by running it, but you lost that part that made this blog stand out. Since then you have had very little new and creative content that you actually wrote. The rest of the stuff was a lot of guest bloggers, a lot of self promotion and a lot of regurgitated info.

    I guess it’s more me just being sad that you gave up on what made this blog good and why I used to be here every day. Yes, you are right, you were “good enough” to get me to come by and write a couple long post (which I do all the time lol) but you are mistaken to think I’m still a regular reader. I do stop in every few weeks to see if anything has changed but it only looks worse and worse every time. You can check the logs if you want.

    By “no offense intended” I didn’t mean to take shots directly at you, just what the blog has become. Like I said, I used to really enjoy your writing and creativity and was a regular reader and commenter. I respected what you were doing since you had the content to back you up. Not so much now.

    DotDriven’s last blog post..Why park at WhyPark? Because your domains deserve better homes

  49. DotDriven says:

    PS you can go back and check your old sitepoint pms from the first time you were trying to sell to see how I felt if you want ;) .

    DotDriven’s last blog post..Why park at WhyPark? Because your domains deserve better homes

  50. Jonk says:

    Hey Cow

    Don’t listen to him! I think you have a great blog well deserving of far more readers than you have… I always read yours before Chows.

  51. Egor says:

    Hello bees searching for Easy Way To Make Money Google Affiliate Free Ppc 1st and found your blog reg Sell? | John Cow dot Com ..i have gone through your site? its very informative and useful too.. here we can learn more about marketing online?. will bookmark it and come back for more!

  52. DotDriven….
    You say, Bob monetized his blog a little much….
    Well if Bob didn’t do that there wouldn’t be a johncow blog left….
    After all we all need the dough…
    The you say, johncow stole the traffic…which would otherwise have gone to chow…so what? He did..and profited from it…and is “still” profiting from it…and will hopefully continue to do so…
    Also Bob shares the “love”[if your in the promoting biz. you'll know what I'm talking about]
    The JohnCow blog is really great and Bob makes product promotion entertaining…
    I’ve entered the same field as a novice and the JohnCow blog really motivates me (well atleast my ‘about me’ page!)…
    The way you apply: “no offense intended”…is the way I were to say “I love you”…
    So what if Bob tried to sell the blog on sitepoint??
    Face it man….
    Your frustated that your not making it…
    and just taking out your frustation on Bob…
    And you say Bob is FAKE internet marketer….who just promotes hype??
    Well I don’t know what’s your defination of “hype” but it seems to be pretty similar to Uncle Sam’s defination of “unlawful combatants”…

    P.S.: Bob, 50K for the “cow” isn’t enough….the blogging industry is just starting to grow all around the world so you’ll make a lot of dough!! So make the “cow” fatter…And if you need me I’ll help in feeding it!

    AhReview: The Review King’s last blog post..Blogging to Bank: Make Money Blogging!!

  53. John Fit says:

    Sell it Moooooooo…. Cash out.. Move on..

    John Fit (Looking for something to sell)

    John Fits last blog post..Know Your Genetics to Put Your Best Beach Body on the Sand

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