Cow vs Conn and WIN Affiliate Elite Enterprise

Written by Jason Katzenback on May 13th, 2008

COOL SURPRISE –> Got a surprise email this morning from Brad Callen who was pretty happy to see us mention that we like his product Affiliate Elite, and here is what he had to say…

If you cant read it… here is what he said…

“Thanks for mentioning AffiliateElite on your blog, I am anxious to see how you recommend using it. I see that you sponsor the odd contest every now and again too and if you would like to give away one free copy of the Enterprise Edition I can set you up. Let me know and if there is anything else I can do for you.”

First of all.. what a gentleman… thanks Brad, this puts you even higher in our books as one of the top IM gurus out there… we would most certainly LOVE to take you up on this offer and we are sure our readers would be more then happy too win a copy as well :)

Affiliate Elite is a kick ass piece of software and as you read in our last training post, we use this ourselves.. and will be showing you how in the next lesson. It is not a cheap one though and has a monthly use fee with it so, for one year alone this is a $570 + value… and that is only if you paid for 1 year. So you can see, this is not a cheap prize!

So, here is what we are going to do… On May 31st we are going to have a draw to see who wins… but too be entered to win, this is what you are going to have to do…

>>>MAJOR CONTEST UPDATE…. PLEASE VISIT for all the details<<<

This is a 100% WIN/WIN for you all… you can get a chance to win this kick butt program and you will also receive all the details of how we built our blog so you can implement the exact same strategies. Can you moo the word… COOL!!!

Oh and we almost forgot… We had a good talk with Garry (no chance whatsoever of winning) Conn yesterday and it was kind of funny… we thought he was joking that he thought he stood a chance, but the little guy really believes it. He is so cute, it really warms our hearts to see the little guy all excited. Too bad we are going to have to stampede all over him… especially since we have started to grow fond of the little guy.

We also found out that SitePoint has decided to jump on board with this and is going to help out with sponsoring this contest… which we thought was pretty cool.

Here are the official Rules of the Game…

  • Starts Monday May 19th
  • Sites will be listed on SitePoint on Wednesday June 18th
  • Winner of contest will be decided by which site generates the highest sale
  • Blogs must be on a brand new domain
  • Blogs must be 100% original work
  • Blogs must not be a premade or bought and put on a new domain
  • Blogs will be listed on SitePoint with full disclosure of who bought them and for how much
  • Listing will be 100% handled by sitepoint (for fair third party listing)

We already stated that after we win 100% of the proceeds are going to go to World Vision and we will record the transaction so you can all see for yourselves that we are following through on that promise. Garry is not doing that… he is keeping it all for himself (can you say boo).

We are going to be fully disclosing all the details of this contest… how we decided on a market, how we planned out the blog, researched, built and promoted it. You will see first hand exactly how to do this for yourself. We are actually crazy for doing this as people pay 1000′s of dollars for this type of info… but our readers deserve the best :)

Disclosure –> We are making it clear right now that there are paid tools that we use that you will need to get if you want to do what we are going to share, so please don’t complain about that. We are not going to use this to pimp tools we do not use… but we are going to show you the tools we do use and most important the why and how we use them

Also, we are not making any guarantees to anyone about the success you will achieve following what we are going to show you… we are just showing you what we are doing. The good thing to know is we DESPISE theory in our teachings and stick to only proven facts… so you are going to learn what we “KNOW” is proven to work.. not what we think “should” work.

>>>MAJOR CONTEST UPDATE…. PLEASE VISIT for all the details<<<

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19 Responses to “Cow vs Conn and WIN Affiliate Elite Enterprise”

  1. Links Darrell Hair (which explains the rubbish joke) Shagablogger Affiliate Elite John Cow (post about his competition) Sponsor: Your Ad Here?

  2. do suggest you join his case study list because you will definitely get some great tips on how to make money online by following along as he battles the Cow. There have since been even more posts on both blogs about this competition… * John Cow: -Cow vs Conn Win Affiliate Elite- Cowpetition * Garry Conn: – Contest To Win Software Package Worth Over $250 dollars It officially starts May 19th and ends on June 18th, so get all caught up on the action now before the contest kicks off. Not only is this

  3. says:

    t find that great post I read where Cow really went off and he even turned off the comments. It was a great read… – John Cow dot Com called out Garry Conn dot Com – Learn How to Kill Your Competition – A Case Study of How We Beat up Garry Conn -Cow vs Conn and WIN Affiliate Elite Enterprise- Cow vs Conn a Case Study for Making Money Online Wow, Cow is giving away some good prizes… lol… I think I just might have to reconsider!

  4. per spiegare agli iscritti ogni mossa che fanno e, viste le premesse, ti assicuro che ci sarà veramente tanto da imparare da entrambi e ci sono già in palio ricchi premi (Garry, Cow). Iscriviti subito alla Newsletter di Garry ConnNewsletter di John CowLa sfida iè iniziata lunedì 19 maggio 2008 con la rivelazione degli indirizzi dei due blogs. Segui questa COWpetizione in diretta, ti assicuro che sarò l’evento dell’anno.

  5. Simon says:

    Good luck with the competition (Cow vs Conn). I’m rather hoping Garry still believes Bob is behind the blog, although it’s equally possible this is a joint publicity stunt! Still, not knowing makes it more fun, doesn’t it. ;)

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  7. Garry Conn says:

    Who’s Bob? anyone know any Bob’s around here? :shock:

    Garry Conns last blog post..Contest To Win Software Package Worth Over $250 dollars

  8. Jorge says:

    Duel of titans!
    PS: Isn’t Bob still running this blog?

    Jorges last blog post..Como aumentar o peito

  9. Garry Conn says:

    I think some guy named John Cow is running it…

    Garry Conns last blog post..Contest To Win Software Package Worth Over $250 dollars

  10. Forest Parks says:

    Hey this is great news… I will be writing a post with some details about this contest in.

    You Guys are really getting some great attention on this and Garry has some great software to give away too.

    I am subscribing to both your lists. I have my very own new niche blog that will beenefit greatly from the stuff I will learn and put into practice from your battle.

    Let the battle commence. I don’t know who you are (yet!, I’ll get you Cow…………..) but already I trust this battle will be very intense and intelligently played.

    I’m still routing for Garry though but will definitely be over and thankful to anything that you teach me. And I think you have gained another long term reader in me.

    Oh and another note….. even if you are Bob, which I doubt, please don’t go down the route of getting crap again. Bob had a great start and was a good blogger until he lost heart and looked towards money. I hope if he starts a new project that he starts on the right foot. Even better, I hope he picks up Bob Meets World again.

    Forest Parkss last blog post..Is John Cow now John Chow???

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  12. Garry Conn says:

    From what I hear, he sold Bob sold Bob Meets World shortly after launching John Cow, isn’t that right there Bob???

    Oh wait, who the hell is Bob???

    Bob… are you there? BOB!!!

    In reference to the competition. I am so very much scheduled to take the win. So far and even on JC’s blog odds are 10 to 1 in my favor. I have only seen one person say that they predict Cow man to win…


    Garry Conns last blog post..Contest To Win Software Package Worth Over $250 dollars

  13. If you both pick equal niches search traffic wise I suspect the one who already controls the most page rank on their other related sites will win. We’ll see.

    Aaron at FullTiltBlogging.coms last blog post..Tuesday Tool: Google Analytics

  14. Garry Conn says:

    Aaron as you know, a huge part of one’s success in this business depends on the niche they choose. I feel that in this game that a huge part of the ultimate success in this game depends on the chosen niche. While I haven’t agreed to target the same niche, John Cow dot Com has an equal opportunity to troll over to my blog to get a sample of what my niche will be. :)

    Garry Conns last blog post..Contest To Win Software Package Worth Over $250 dollars

  15. John Cow says:

    Run Forrest Run…. bwa hahaha, we could not resist that.

    If your interested Forrest, we are rooting for Garry too (shhhh… can you keep a secret, actually we are not but we don’t want to discourage the little guy from trying. We would root for him but we stick with the winners).

  16. Forest Parks says:

    Unlike Garry……. my name only has 1 R……………………… smart arse :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  17. John Cow says:

    lol… sorry Forest

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  19. Esther says:


  20. So what is spending limit for promotions etc?

    Think Like An SOBs last blog post..Learn From The Best For Free