Bing! What’s that Sound? Someone Trying to Take a Bite Out of Google?

Written by Jason Katzenback on July 28th, 2009


Have you seen the commercials?

They’ve been everywhere lately – making fun of keyword groupings and how one search for one thing can end up with search results for something completely different. has been marketing themselves as a different kind of search engine, according to them, a “decision” engine instead of a “search” engine.

What I found really interesting about the commercials is that nowhere do they mention that they are a Microsoft product, which is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.  If you had a new product launch, wouldn’t you want to capitalize on that notoriety?

Apparently, not, although they don’t seem to mind using the deep Microsoft products to pay for the big advertising campaign.

And anyone who’s ever been on the internet knows what Microsoft is trying to do with Bing – they’re trying to take a piece out of the big boys, which, as everyone knows, is Google.  Google is the king of search engines.  When we talk about keywords, PPC ads, SEO and search rankings, it’s all in relation to Google.

Bing’s latest step to search engine, sorry, that’s ‘decision’ engine, domination is to strike a deal with Yahoo for all of its users to use Bing for all their decision needs. The terms of the deal are still being hammered out, but when the deal goes through, it will give Bing not only a larger share in the search market, allowing it to creep up on the monolith of Google, but it will also eliminate a competitor.

And what does Yahoo get out of it?

Well, first off, it wouldn’t have to maintain its own search infrastructure anymore.  And according to the deal as it stands now, they would get a share of the revenue of ads both on the Yahoo search site as well as, which is not bad considering that they are already losing market share to Bing.

If these guys can make this deal work out, then they both stand to benefit.  As the bigwigs over at Yahoo point out, their search engine is not their major business focus.  And Microsoft has the motivation and the money to put behind become a force to be reckoned with in search – and they’ve already got distribution channels all lined up through their own products.

Part of the details that still need to be worked out is whether they will use the existing Yahoo Panama system for buying ads or switch over to Microsoft’s AdCenter.

I personally vote for AdCenter – it’s better than Panama, and is almost on par with Google’s AdWords.

Once the deal goes through, you’d better believe that I’ll be watching Bing and Google to see how this will affect PPC campaigns and search engine rankings.  While Google is still the king, Bing is starting to look like…well, I can’t think of a historical reference that isn’t too obscure that actually fits, but Bing is like the guy that’s trying to slowly and carefully take over the throne while the King has become complacent is his authority and position.

Anyone got a good reference for that?

PS – I would love to see Google get some true competition here… I think it will make both services that much better!

Now this is all just my own opinion… whats yours?

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32 Responses to “Bing! What’s that Sound? Someone Trying to Take a Bite Out of Google?”

  1. Chester says:

    Decision engine huh. Google must be threathened now and get their acts right.

  2. Anna says:

    I noticed I was getting a a surprising percentage of my traffic from Bing … I didn’t sit down and calculated it, but it certainly seemed to be more than I used to get from MSN.

    Another thought though – would we lose the Yahoo engine? Or would it just use Bing algorithms and show the same results.

    One thing I actually like about getting traffic from a few different major engines is that it is a bit less of “all your eggs in one basket.” If a site suddenly drops in Yahoo, it is still usually stable in Google, and vice versa.

    It doesn’t happen often but it has happened a few times (including a few days ago in Google) that a site suddenly dropped for no obvious reason. I was glad that it was ranked well in Yahoo and had not lost those rankings as well. I still lost a lot of traffic but if Google had been the only search engine I was ranked in, it would have been a lot more of a sudden loss!

  3. Dizi izle says:

    Bing is working great. But i don’t think that they can beat Google. Google is giving better results.

  4. Rebecca Love says:

    Sounds a bit like Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament back in the 1600s!

  5. Ron says:

    One interesting thing I saw right away is that my 12 year old daughter fell in love with Bing right away because it was more stylish.

    I know enough about marketing to know not to ignore that.

  6. Dan says:

    On the one hand, I agree with Anna…I like the “buffer effect” of having a 3rd SE. But at the moment, *if* Yahoo’s SERPs will return Bings via this deal, it would be a good thing for me. Currently, I have sites Bing loves and Yahoo hates. :)

    If the Bing algo changes however, all bets are off. :(

  7. Forest says:

    I’ve seen a rise in traffic from Bing too and I actually really like the look of their re-branding.

    Good job so far and I may consider using them over google in the future.

  8. My web site is new and I have been surprised in the early going at the amount of viewers I have had from Bing. It’s fine with me — I’ll take them from anywhere. Go BING!

  9. Mark B says:

    Great to see more competition and I think Bing is shaping up to do well. There is life in the old crooner yet!

  10. Amxtrong says:

    Bing is very good, has developed quickly in recently. It has taken a part of engine market share.

    I think that, the competition is necessary making more convenient and comfortable to internet users.

    Thank for your interesting post!

  11. Kevin says:

    Analogy front: Cheney, anyone?
    Excellent post as always

  12. Thanks for the info about bing. I learned a lot more about it than I had before. It is weird that they would not mention their a Microsoft product. And I had no clue that bing was in talks with yahoo.

  13. Jeff says:

    Bing will not be the Google killer, but as others have mentioned – Bing has started to drive traffic to our sites with regularity. It is nice not to have all your “traffic eggs” in one basket.

  14. Candee says:

    I think Bing might just be giving Google something to be concerned about. One of my sites is already getting about 20% more traffic from Bing than from Google. This is in natural search. I’ve tried Bing to find certain images. It beats Google by a long shot. Although it seems to be designed to find “things”, I discovered that both Bing and Leapfish turned up some far more pertinent sites for a research topic than Google did. I’m very interested to see just how this all plays out. I might just buy a few more shares of Microsoft.

  15. scott says:

    We also notice bing traffic in our analytics data for just about every Internet marketing client. I would love to see this traffic increase.

    Competition should have a positive effect on the quality of google and if bing really makes a dent, so be it. If the bing interfaces are more usable than google, that would be a significant competitive advantage!


  16. Interesting. Search optimization will become more challenging now for SEO practitioners. I better brush up on my optimization skills and add Bing to the list, which might just become as big as Google as a traffic source.

  17. I believe it is August 10th when they will have double the % of cashback on stores ;)


  18. Sameer joad says:

    well its a good thing if bing and yahoo works out the deal, because not only will this result in some competition for google but it might actually prove to be very useful for us webmasters when the big boys try to capitalize on each other.

    good luck to bing tho its a long way and a hard battle against google

  19. WOW!! This is all new to me
    i might even have traffic from bing
    and dont even know it.
    im going to check this bing out
    thankss for the good info.

  20. Self Defense says:

    Maybe this will bring Google off of the mountain. I am feed up with doing a search and getting results for everything but what I’m looking for, BING-a-HOO Im in !!!

  21. Miles says:

    I think Google needs some stiff competition as currently they are calling all the shots and are on a high horse. They need to be brought into submission and get away from the greed.

    My rant is done.

  22. Sam Deane says:

    Interesting times we live in! What do you say to the suggestion that MSN and bing are where the shoppers search? Because MSN is the microsoft default search engine in all their PC’s I was reading an assertion that google is for people seeking info but MSN is for people wanting to shop. Is this misinformation to sell the product he was selling (about CPA) when telling me this, or would you agree?

  23. Charles says:

    Great post. I would love to see Google get some competition. I think they have becoming arrogant and overbearing. They act like the world revolves around them.

  24. shiva says:

    Hi John,

    That’s Great post and an eyeopener for many. I am definitely looking forward how BING comes up and beats google.

    a BingHOO from my side


  25. Budi says:

    It is not easy for Bing to take over Google’s throne. Just let we see. I see Bing has nice appearances. I would like to try it for knowing all of the feature.

  26. Venkatesh says:

    Competition is usually good for the consumer. Hopefully we will all benefit in that the clash between Google and Bing will in the long run let us enjoy more facilities, at lesser costs.

  27. Google is being a monopoly far too long, man!

    For that reason, the present of any real ass kicking SE competitor is vital to all of us as the consumers.

  28. Mike says:

    Sorry guys but I just don’t see it. Instead of 3 search engines of significance we now have 2. I don’t call a competitive market 2 major search engines.

    I hardly feel Google will be quaking in it’s boots if anything, it makes it easier for them.

  29. marcus says:

    I hate to disaggree with you but I reaaly don’t think googgle is becoming complacent. They continue the spread and enhance there products. If Microsoft wants to compete they need to do more than come up with a cute slogan. Lol.

  30. bet says:

    Competition is always good and I hope we all benefit from it.

  31. hi,

    the key is in what you said here, content is better marketing than marketing, that sums it up for me. If you let people have the content they want it is selling itself already, so very good point i must remember!